Design dynamic, multimedia and interactive scenography that incorporates the iconic identity of the event and illustrates the topics to be discussed.

Create sets of temporary character with stationary and mobile components to be used in the intermezzo of the presentations.

Project animations, videos, back projections and gobos (patterns) at the beginning or end of the presentations.

Organize a STREAM IN with invited artists and intellectuals to be screened at the stage and be broadcast via STREAM OUT.


Title of the event, phrases or words of topics included in the conferences with typography akkurat and arial. Semanticized logos, photographs, archive videos and material from streaming in.


Stationary: Back Stage COLORS. (Banners of acrylics, fabrics, or cardboard. Light rope tape. Neon Light wire. Led text box. Adhesive vinyl fonts. Cardboard furniture).

Mobiles: Set PIN (cardboard and print in vynil), Set TRASH (photoprint on cardboard, cord, non-degradable garbage and colored nylon bags), Set AIRPORT BODY SCANNERS (cardboard, print on vinyl, neon Light wire and projection).

SCREENING (Invite other creators):

Animations: Create loops of 3 or 4 frames that match materials with references of history, architecture, art, cinema and science.

Videos: Circumstantially project archive material and iconic movie segments (The great dictator, Zabriski poin, Sin City, etc)

Rear-projections: Static images (silhouettes, logos, texts, photos, etc.) projected behind the banners or backstage.

Gobo (patterns): Images of silhouettes to be projected on the stage and auditorium with the mobile lamps (4 lamps of 8 patterns each)

IN-OUT STREAMING: Convene creators to enter information in an online library organized by categories (topics and activities related to the event) via stream in that is projected on the stage and broadcast in the stream out.