Cyber Cultural Center 2016

Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Digitization
  • Digital conversion of analog materials referred to art and culture (audio visuals)
  • Digital migration of materials to a categorized database and linked to related archives

Scan: Textual documents (bound, loose-leaf, manuscript, etc.), photographs, negatives.


  • large format flatbed, high speed, transparency-capable, and sheet-fed scanners
  • computers
  • memories drives
  • server


  • From Driver to Scan
  • Silverfast Scan
  • Paper Stream Capture
  • Scandall Pro

Digitization and analysis: Audio and video documents


  • HDV Recorder
  • VHS/DVD Recorder
  • Dual tape deck recorder
  • Universal videocassette recorder
  • Disc Makers Reflex CD/DVD duplicator
  • World Wide VHS Conversion
  • DVD/Laserdisc converter
  • San Disk multi-format card reader


  • Adobe CS6 Suite
  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie
  • Acid Pro 7.0
  • Audacity


Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Digitization 3D
  • Digital conversion to 3D visual materials referred to art and culture
  • Digital migration of 3D visual materials to a categorized database and linked to related archives

Digitalization Services: Imput bidimentional visual documents, photographs, negatives, video, films, png, vector, etc.

Digitization and analysis services: Convertion of bidimentional picture and video in 3d format documents for use in a 3D platform


Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Wireless access for visitors
Provide locations for wireless access throughout the public areas. Visitors connect to a secure wireless network
Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Database
Provide assistance to researchers working with data in all stages of the research life cycle, including:  collecting, processing, analyzing, publishing, and preparing data for long-term access and storage.
Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Resource
Link a network of disciplinary experts and highly technical faculty and support staff who work in interdisciplinary teams on collection-building, tool-building, and the development of appropriate methods for study and analysis of collections.
Cyber Cultural Center 2016. Digital Storage
Digital storage device are required (server) and portable drives may be available for purchase