convocatory to share digital information. ccc2016


Dear friends and colleagues,

By means of this letter, I am requesting your valuable collaboration to put together a cultural package that contains digital information sources on arts, architecture, design, film, art theory, technology and the like to be taken and shared in Cuba. The purpose of this project is to share digital information with artists and visitors during my exhibition, titled CCC2016, taking place at El Gran Teatro de La Habana from July 15-September15. The documents to share must be in pdf, jpg, png, mp4, mp3 o mov format. Due to poor connectivity issues on the island, Internet links will not be very useful. In exchange you will receive as many MB, GB or TB for storage purposes as the amount information shared.

This is meant to be an open source exchange project so that we spare ourselves from dealing with copyright issues. The documents can handed in person or be sent using free ways to transfer data (,,, etc)

Rest assured that your input will be highly appreciated and for a great cause in the name of the arts, culture, and information. Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Consuelo Castañeda


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June 10, 2016

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